Aerial shot of eathworked and civil construction site
Beachridge Estate
4A & 4B; 5A & 5B; 6–9 earthworks
Ardross Estates
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Ardross Estates
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Beachridge Estate is situated approximately 200 km north of Perth’s CBD, almost equidistant from Perth and Geraldton on the Indian Ocean coast.

A focus by the developer and approval authorities on the principles of environmental sustainability, and in particular water sensitive urban design, helped underpin the development. The intention was to avoid transplanting ‘suburbia’ to this unique coastal location.

Strong prevailing winds with resulting dust presented construction difficulties, particularly during the early stages of bulk earthworks. Unprecedented contingency measures such as the installation of a three metre high wind fence and the deployment to site of five water carts were initiated by Wormall Civil to alleviate the dust problem.

The company also convened a meeting of residents on-site to address concerns and establish a direct line of communication with senior management. Regular inspections of affected properties were also undertaken and cleaning arranged where required at the company’s expense.