Clementine Stage 1


Clementine Stage 1


Satterley Property Group

Consulting Engineer

Cossill & Webley Consulting Engineers

Wormall Civil Project Management

James Boggan

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Paul Jenkyn

Project Duration

30 Weeks


Stage 1 of a new development by Satterley Property Group in the Swan Valley. Initial works onsite involved removal of existing vines that had being farmed on the land for a number of years.

During the project life cycle communication was kept with stakeholders ensuring project was delivered with minimum disruption to local residents as well the project being completed within the allocated timeframe allowing lots to be released for sale.

Scope of Works Involved:

  • Clearing of Existing Vines and vegetation.
  • Construction of 1.5km of Retaining Walls.
  • Installation of under service to Water Corp standards which include 1.8km of Sewerage & 2.1km of Water Reticulation.
  • Installation of 1.2km of Stormwater Drainage to local authority standards.
  • Installation and underground power and communication services.
  • Road Construction including installation of Kerbing and Footpaths.


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