Established in 1984, we have a proud history.

The history of our civil construction company, operating and growing since 1984, is a testament to its resilience and success. Over our 40 years of operations come 2024, we have achieved and enjoyed numerous milestones and ongoing development that have contributed significantly to our current high standing in our industry.

Founded by Ray and Sue Wormall along with Sue’s father Ray Goatley, as Wormall Contracting, their vision was to always provide high quality civil construction services to the land development sector. Initially focussed on the provision of vital underground civil infrastructure they earned a reputation for reliability, quality workmanship and problem solving.

In the early 2000’s Wormall Contracting became Wormall Civil and evolved into being a main contractor, providing both underground and above ground civil infrastructure. It has since grown to be the preeminent civil engineering contractor in the residential and industrial land development sector.

Strategic partnerships and collaboration with highly valued clients and their consultant teams has fuelled the company’s exponential growth.

Throughout our journey the company’s success can be attributed to visionary leadership, a dedicated and highly motivated workforce, strategic planning, adaptability to industry trends and a commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

The collage of photos and articles included here highlights numerous awards, recognition and early images of workers and machines.

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