Wormall Civil Training – Registered Training Organisation

Wormall Civil commenced their Registered Training Organisation, Wormall Civil Training as of 15 September 2016. The RTO delivers nationally accredited training within the civil construction industry, working with local schools in order to help students gain knowledge and understanding of the industry and an opportunity to complete and obtain a nationally accredited qualification.

The intention being to provide a career pathway into the civil engineering construction sector.

Wormall Civil Training is currently delivering a 1 year Certificate II in Civil Construction training program consisting of intensive, tailored training for twelve students from three local schools. These students will also have the opportunity to continue training with the RTO to obtain a Certificate III in Civil Construction which primarily consists of on-site training on various Wormall Civil projects.

The RTO consists of a Youth Training Facility which boasts a designated training building and a site simulator area for students to receive quality training and assessment in the industry from a fully qualified Trainer and Assessor. Students are able to operate a simulator to mimic actual earthmoving machines field tasks.

Wormall Civil will provide a number of pathways for candidates to possibly further their training and studies to further equip them to pursue opportunities for employment within our industry.

The Youth Training Facility will provide opportunities again in its second year of operations in 2017 with both existing students and a new class of students as well.

Wormall Civil is proud of its investment back into the industry through the training course and the high level of expertise imparted by the company’s Trainer/HR Officer, Dean Richter, in addition to the opportunities it provides to local youth.

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