All Hands On Deck

With the current resourcing challenges facing the civil construction industry, Wormall Civil sees positives in our situation.

With a wealth of onsite civil construction experience across the company, well in the hundreds of years in aggregate, training and mentoring opportunities abound.

It is currently very difficult finding enough workers to undertake all the tasks on our sites, with us competing with major infrastructure projects and the mining and resources sector. This means that everyone from the Managing Director, Senior Management Team, down to our Construction Superintendents, often need to roll their sleeves up, don the required PPE and get on a machine or get down into the trenches to ensure our projects are being adequately resourced so we can deliver for our clients and their consultants.

The accompanying benefits also mean young workers, who are seeking pathways into our industry, can benefit from this company wide experience, learning quickly on the job how best to safely and efficiently perform the required tasks.

Here is an image of our Managing Director Shane Wormall ‘on the tools’ and training young workers the finer art of laying pipe correctly among many other site tasks.

‘Together We Deliver’

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