September Feature Project: Florence Stages 2, 3A & 3B

Name of Project: Florence Stages 2, 3A & 3B
Consulting Engineer: Peritas Consulting
Client: Satterley
Wormall Civil Project Manager: Ansh Panthi
Wormall Civil Site Supervisor: Peter Weeks

Florence Estate is a residential development nestled adjacent to Kwinana Freeway and Rowley Road with 132 lots under construction slated to be completed by late 2023, the scope of works included upgrade of approximately 500m existing sewer pressure main pipe to new 450mm PE Pipe, 350m of noise wall adjacent to Kwinana Freeway.

Installation of 540units of GRAF stormwater storage tanks including other large underground works to install necessary amenities for future homeowners including earthworks for a future school site and playing fields.

One of the critical tasks performed during construction was working alongside existing live high flow sewer pressure main pipe servicing the current residents in the Tompsons Lake Catchments meaning the works had to be performed with precision and accuracy minimising any impact to the residents in the catchment. This scope also included the removal and disposal of existing sewer main pipe after the commissioning of new infrastructure.

The project is currently on track and is slated to be fully completed towards the end of 2023.

Scope of works completed:

  • 700m of stormwater drainage of varying pipe sizes
  • 540 units of GRAF underground stormwater storage systems
  • 1500m of sewer main at various depths
  • 500m of new 450mm PE sewer pressure main pipe
  • 1500m of retaining walls of various heights including piers and stairs
  • Facilitated installation of noise wall up to 5m in height
  • 1600m of water main and 1600m gas main of varying pipe sizes
  • 16,000m2 of roadworks

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