Roy Hill Mining Camp

Situated approximately 115 km north of the Newman townsite, the Roy Hill project was established on flat plains at the eastern end of the Chichester Range. 

Wormall Civil in conjunction with its client, Brookfield Multiplex, completed the $200 million Roy Hill mine accommodation village in the Pilbara in 2014, allowing 2,000 workers to be accommodated on site to manage the mine construction and operations. 

Multiplex’s Engineering and Infrastructure division commenced work in August 2012 on the project which comprises almost 2,000 permanent rooms, an auditorium, mess halls and a state-of-the-art recreation centre featuring a gymnasium, sporting facilities, a swimming pool, multi-purpose room and barbeque areas. 

Commencing on-site in August 2012, Wormall Civil undertook the bulk earthworks and civil construction at the Roy Hill mine site, including the provision of all in-ground services for the mining camp/village. Under contract to principal contractor Brookfield Multiplex, Wormall Civil employed a workforce in excess of 150 persons for approximately 12 months at the site. 

Wormall Civil’s scope of works included: 

  • Bulk earthworks 
  • Sewer installation 
  • Water installation 
  • Power installation 
  • Communications installation 
  • Access roads construction/asphalt 
  • Drainage installation 
  • Concrete kerbing/paths 

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