Wormall Civil is delighted to have completed the civil construction on Stage 5 at the Wildflower Development

Consulting Engineer: Cossill & Webley  

Client:  Stockland  

Wormall Civil Project Manager:  Josh Gibb 

Wormall Civil Site Supervisor: Michael Elphinstone 

Nestled in the picturesque locale of Piara Waters, the Wildflower project stands as a beacon of modern infrastructure and sustainable development. Spearheaded by Wormall Civil, in collaboration with Stockland as the client and Cossil and Webley as the consulting engineering company, this venture promises to redefine urban living in Western Australia. 

Since its inception, the Wildflower project has witnessed remarkable progress, marked by the movement of significant volumes of soil. Here is a glimpse into the milestones achieved thus far: 

  • Topsoil Strip: 256,375 m2 
  • Screening: 46,655 m2 
  • Blending: 32,659 m2 
  • Cut/Fill: 100,046 m3 
  • Import: 184,052 m3 

Infrastructure forms the backbone of any community, and the Wildflower project is dedicated to laying robust foundations for seamless living. From sewer and drainage systems to roads and footpaths, every element is meticulously crafted to enhance connectivity and convenience:  

  • Sewer: 1,759 m 
  • Pressure Main Sewer: 816 m 
  • Concrete Drainage: 330 m 
  • Subsoil: 1,681 m 
  • Retaining Walls: 1,251 lm 
  • Noise Wall: 315 m 
  • Water Reticulation: 2,278 m 
  • Communications Infrastructure: 2,977 m 
  • Transformers: 3 items 
  • Power Infrastructure: 2,649 m 
  • Roads: 11,781 m2 
  • Asphalt: 7,946 m2 
  • Kerbs: 2,672 m 
  • Footpaths: 2,951 m2 

Beyond its sheer scale and scope, the Wildflower project remains committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. From efficient soil management practices to the integration of green spaces, every decision is driven by a dedication to leaving a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.  Find out how Wormall Civil can help your business click here.

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