Seacrest Estate


Seacrest Estate


Humfrey Land Developments

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Wormall Civil Project Management

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Perched high above the surrounding land just south of Geraldton CBD, Seacrest is ideally located to take advantage of the breathtaking views across the Indian Ocean and east to the surrounding plains and hills. Enhancing these views are underground power, landscaped parks, gardens and water features.

Seacrest has been designed to be the estate of the future. Installation of optical fibre and access to a private exchange and LAN (Local Area Network), ensures that all homes are fully connected to high-speed global information and communications networks.

Wormall Civil regards Seacrest as the breakthrough project for its entry into the Geraldton subdivision construction market. The company has been encouraged by developers and consultants alike to further establish itself as a major player in this vibrant marketplace.

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