Banksia Grove


Banksia Grove


Banksia Grove Development Nominees (Joint Venture with Department of Communities)

Consulting Engineer

Cossill & Webley

Wormall Civil Project Management

Shane Hosking

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Mick Tadic

Project Duration



In 2005, the Banksia Grove Joint Venture partnership was established to revive and develop the suburb. The $2 billion project is creating 3500 home sites to complement the existing 650 developed prior to 2005. In total an estimated 12,000 residents will call Banksia Grove home by the project’s completion in 2021.

The new community contains a diverse range of housing types to suit residents in differing life stages and backgrounds. Housing in the new section has Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) as standard, provided by LBNco as an estate network, and resold by providers, which also transmits commercial television.

Major facilities for the area include:

  • The Banksia Grove District Shopping Centre
  • An Education Precinct including the new Joseph Banks Secondary College, shared playing fields and a planned primary school
  • A 42 hectare bush forever zone with native retained bushland
  • Over 30 hectares of parkland including Discovery Parkwhich contains a living stream water feature, amphitheatre and Pitstop Park adventure playground


Project Scope

Wormall Civil have been engaged by Banksia Grove Development Nominees and joint venture partner the Department of Communities (Housing Authority of WA) since 2009 to undertake all civil construction works commencing with Stage 3 right through to current Stage 50 and beyond, involving over seventy separable portions of work in the period to 2019.

The company has just been awarded another two year contact covering the period 2019-2021, proving its ongoing successful performance across the extended duration of the project.

The primary project components include the following:

Earthworks Roads
Sewer and Wastewater Pump Stations Paths
Water Feature and Retaining Walls
Stormwater Drainage Power
Gas Communications


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