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East Village at Knutsford, East Fremantle



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This 1.5 hectare land parcel bounded by Montreal Street, Blinco Street, Knutsford Street and Wood Street will be Fremantle’s most sustainable new development. Featuring the latest blockchain technology this precinct will deliver energy and water savings, renewable energy revenues and a range of homes with adaptable spaces for home offices.

Other features will include electric vehicle fast charging, solar panels and battery storage, provision for an electric vehicle car share scheme, waterwise homes and private and public gardens. East Village at Knutsford will deliver Australia’s first blockchain ready homes, with new residents participating in leading trials of this new technology providing the opportunity for residents to access 100% renewable energy.

LandCorp commenced development of this precinct in 2018 with civil works expected to be completed by August 2019.

East Village at Knutsford will be Fremantle’s most sustainable new development. As a demonstration project, East Village will be a living laboratory, delivering valuable lessons from real-life initiatives to support a more sustainable way of living.

A range of water initiatives have been designed to bring Waterwise living to life at the estate. Other features will include electric vehicle fast charging, solar panels and battery storage, share electric vehicle scheme, quality landscaped private and public spaces.

The estate will deliver Australia’s first blockchain ready homes, with new residents participating in leading trials of this new technology. Residents will be supported to embrace One Planet Living through a range of innovation initiatives.

The amenity incorporated within the landscape of East Village has been selected to encourage a unique village atmosphere, with shaded structures, picnic tables, barbeques, bike parking and drink fountains, creating an inviting outdoor environment for the neighbourhood to enjoy.

A partnership with Curtin University will deliver a Legacy Living Laboratory, a learning space that will feature a commercial kitchen, meeting spaces and real time data display. The laboratory will remain in place for approximately three years.

A community of 36 architecturally designed and landscaped turnkey town homes will be released for sale soon. In addition, two apartment building sites will deliver a further 60 dwellings and will be released for sale in the future.

East Village offers a unique opportunity to live in a connected community within a historic suburb with established links to amenity, entertainment and the environment.

State-owned developer LandCorp says its 1.5ha East Village at Knutsford project will lead the way in sustainable WA housing, helping meet the growing challenges of dwindling natural resources and climate change we are currently facing.

Treasurer and Lands Minister Ben Wyatt, who helped launch the project, said East Village at Knutsford “demonstrates to the wider construction industry just what is possible in creating connected and affordable communities”.

Project Scope

Wormall Civil have been engaged by LandCorp to complete this highly innovative land development.

The installation of off-site sewer at East Village at Knutsford. The works include slurry micro tunnelling, strata sewer, stormwater drainage including Eco-aid infiltration chambers to recycle rain water run off back in to the precinct, sustaining community trees & planting.

Water mains and bore reticulation to each lot serviced by an onsite extraction bore and underground storage tanks to individual lots will provide non-potable water to each household for toilets/washing machines.

Wormall Civil will also complete roadworks, power and communications installation which also includes an onsite battery storage unit that will capture and store energy for roof solar panels installed on the proposed development housing and a charging station for electric vehicles. All the above activities involve excavation in hard rock and working around extensive existing services on non-standard alignments.

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