Consulting Engineer

Cossill & Webley

Wormall Civil Project Management

William Wallace

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Paul Jenkyn

Project Duration

2018 - ongoing


Ellenbrook is located in a picturesque established area between the natural beauty of Whiteman Park and the manicured fairways of the Vines Golf and Country Club, just half an hour north-east of Perth.

Given this relative isolation and the distance from the CBD, Ellenbrook has been designed and developed as a self-sustainable community.

In June 2010 Rita Saffioti MLA stated that the population of Ellenbrook and neighbouring areas now stood at “over 25,000”. Current City of Swan estimates forecast the population to increase to 37,150 by 2016 and 44,185 by 2021.

Wormall Civil has had multiple projects within Ellenbrook since 2018:

Project Name Description Start Date Finish Date
Ellenbrook Display Village Completion of 35 Lot Sales Display Village and Carpark Civils and Earthworks 11/05/2018 29/09/2018
Lexia 9A Completion of 18 Lot  Subdivison Civils and Earthworks 12/05/2018 6/09/2018
Woburn 15B Completion of 37 Lot  Subdivison Civils and Earthworks 1/11/2018 25/02/2019
Ellenbrook District Centre Bulk Earthworks and Electrical undergrounds for Large Commercial Site 21/11/2018 11/01/2019
Lexia 9B Completion of 18 Lot  Subdivison Civils and Earthworks 1/01/2019 5/06/2019
Wedgewood Stage 1 Completion of 14 Lot  Subdivison Civils and Earthworks 18/01/2019 20/05/2019
Ellenbrook Commercial Lots Bulk Earthworks and undergrounds for  3 Large Commercial Sites 1/11/2018 8/03/2019
Equis Lake Bulk earthworks and Site remediation of 21 lot Sub-division 1/05/2019 1/09/2019
Woburn 15C Completion of 12  Lot  Subdivison Civils and Earthworks 1/12/2019 15/03/2020
Equis Lake Civils Completion of the Civil works for a 21 lot Subdivision 1/07/2019 25/09/2019
Hillside Stage 2 Completion of 43 Lot  Subdivison Civils and Earthworks 1/06/2019 4/12/2019
Ellenbrook Town Centre Bulk Earthworks Completion of Earthworks for 220 lot Subdivision 5/07/2019 1/09/2019
Ellenbrook Hesperia Stage 2 Completion of the Civils for a 70 lot Subdivision 1/10/2019 1/04/2020

Please find below link to LWP Ellenbrook Estate



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