Fourth Avenue East


Fourth Avenue East


Mirvac Fini

Consulting Engineer

Cossill & Webley

Wormall Civil Project Management

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Project Duration


The site conditions and topography created a set of challenges for Wormall Civil as it constructed this prestigious land development. Along with the existence of acid sulphate soils, a layer of Class 3 peat which had to be completely removed from the site, and a high water table, there were around half a dozen majestic river gums which had to be protected and preserved.

Constructing the subdivision during winter also added to the challenges faced by Wormall Civil. A number of unique engineering techniques were necessary to effect dewatering of the site and disposal of acid soils, whilst ensuring there was no contamination of the nearby Swan River. These included the construction of a one million litre holding pond to contain the dewatering on-site, and the erection of an eight metre high retaining wall.

Daily testing of the groundwater, discharge and the Swan River itself was carried out on-site by Wormall Civil personnel, with results forwarded to the environmental consultants RPS, BBG and the Department of Environment and Conservation.

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