Glendalough Medium Density


Glendalough Medium Density



Consulting Engineer

Pritchard Francis

Wormall Civil Project Management

Mike O'Donoghue

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Brett Perry

Project Duration

2019 - Onwards


Terrace homes will soon be on the rise in Stockland’s new residential communities as the developer moves to address the Perth’s housing gap. Stockland WA General Manager Col Dutton said that there was an increasing need for a housing style other than detached homes or apartments that delivered affordable, low maintenance living. “This gap in housing styles is called the ‘missing middle’ – something in between a typical block of land with a house on it and an apartment” he said. “A lot of people have busy lifestyles and they don’t want to wrestle with the garden every weekend but they still want a beautiful home with plenty of space that has outdoor living areas”.

Stockland’s acquisition of a 2.84ha site at Glendalough, 4.5km north of the Perth CBD, will eventually deliver 97 terrace homes in a walkable community setting. It is the developer’s first standalone acquisition for medium density development in Perth.

Project Scope;

Clearing and detailed arborist works to existing trees while maintaining and protecting nominated Tree Protection Zones.

Geotechnical & environmental remediation

Earthworks Cut to Fill and Import

Underground Service Installation including gravity sewer, stormwater drainage including Ecoaid Attenuation Tanks, watermains, gas mains, comms reticulation

Installation of power reticulation internal & external including the undergrounding of existing overhead power lines on Rawlins Street using open excavation and directional drilling

Mass limestone retaining wall and concrete footing/brickwork retaining wall

Roadworks including subgrade, sub-base, asphalt, kerbing, paving and footpath.

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