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Jindee Estate


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·       The Jindee land was purchased in 1978

·       Jindee will be a coastal urban development in the fast developing North West Corridor, which will add approximately 1,000 residential lots and approximately 1,300 dwellings.

·       The development will incorporate a unique village linked to the coast and Regional Open Space, which will protect landform and vegetation made possible through the Jindee Land Rationalisation MRS Amendment achieved in 2010.

·       Jindee will be developed by Estates Development Company, a family owned company established in WA since 1928, which provides quality, award winning developments. Recent UDIA awards have gone to Harbour Rise and Ascot Waters.

·       Jindee’s Masterplanning began more than 10 years ago and is underpinned by the Jindee Innovation Agreement 2007 between the WAPC, City of Wanneroo & Westminster Estates Pty Ltd. This encapsulated a shared vision between the three parties to create an authentic coastal development and utilizes form based urban development controls within the existing WA planning system.

·       A Town Planning Scheme Amendment for Jindee has now been granted approval by the Minister for Planning;

·       The adopted Jindee Town Planning Scheme Amendment removes the Residential Planning Codes and replaces it with the requirement to prepare a form based code to control and deliver development across the site, and is the first of this scale ever seen in the Western Australian planning system.

·       The approval of the Jindee MRS amendment, and subsequent Town Planning Scheme Amendment creates a comprehensive statutory planning framework to ultimately deliver Jindee and pave the way for other form based developments in the City of Wanneroo and elsewhere in Western Australia;

·       The Local Structure Plan incorporates the form based code, which provides the next tier of development control, and is in its final approval phase with the Western Australian Planning Commission and the City of Wanneroo.

·       The Form Based Code controls will coordinate the delivery of buildings, streets, public spaces and parks to create a very special place inspired by existing much loved coastal communities like Cottesloe, Fremantle and Rottnest.

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