Jurien Bay


Jurien Bay Wastewater Pumping Station No.3 and Pressure Main


Shire of Dandaragan

Consulting Engineer


Wormall Civil Project Management

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Project Duration

December 2015


The project includes a Type 40 Sewer Pump Station, 2.7km of 200mm diameter pressure main and 550 metres of 300mm diameter gravity sewer. The excavation for the pressure main is 11 metres from ground level and ends up 8 metres below sea level. The pump station pit is 1800mm diameter with the largest section on the base weighing 16.5 tonne.

The pump station also includes 3 retention tanks which are 20m long and 1800mm diameter. The gravity sewer is 550 metres long, at a depth of 5-7 metres. There are 10 type 6 manholes to be placed on this line manufactured in house by Wormall Civil’s precasting section. The pressure main is 2.7 kilometres in length at a depth of 1.5 metres to invert. The project requires a large amount of dewatering which is being undertaken by subcontractor Civil Sssist. The pump pit requires several levels of dewatering systems to bring the groundwater down to the required level.

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