Kara Stage 7


Kara Estate Stage 7



Consulting Engineer

Cossill & Webley

Wormall Civil Project Management

Justin Fitzpatrick

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Craig Bennett

Project Duration



Kara is a bulk earthwork and civil contract with LWP, located approximately 2km from the Kwinana Freeway in Treeby.

You might not have known from looking at it today, but Kara was formerly used as a mining quarry. It is this previous use of the land that kas lent Kara it’s unique circular shape- a feature that has been used to create the intimate and interconnected design of the community.

Wormall Civil commenced construction at Kara back in September 2020 with the initial bulk earthworks of the site.

Since then, approximately 300 lots have been built and the Kara community is growing, with the last stage due to be completed mid- October.

Throughout the construction of Kara, the works have consisted of bulk earthworks, gravity sewer, stormwater, common trench, retaining and masonry walls, feature fencing and roadworks.

The Noise Wall has also been completed along Armadale Road by Smartstream Technology. This wall will provide much needed sound relief for the new residents from Armadale Road, while still being an aesthetically pleasing boundary wall.

Together, Smartstream Technology and Wormall Civil worked with the Consulting Engineers to ensure that all requirements were met. Having a flexible Wall System means we can easily adjust to any last-minute design changes or site conditions.

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