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Kemerton Industrial Estate – Earthworks, Roads, Drainage



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The Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) is an important strategic industrial estate for the South West and links to the Bunbury Port by road, with land reserved for future rail connection if required. The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation is the lead agency for the development of the Kemerton SIA and LandCorp is the estate manager for the LandCorp owned land.

The SIA is located approximately 17km north east of the Bunbury CBD and 160 km south of Perth.

As a vital component of the estate, Wormall Civil is constructing the roads that will provide the key access point into Albermarle’s $1 billion Lithium Plant in Western Australia. The Lithium Plant project has created 500 construction jobs and will create a further 500 jobs once it is fully operational.

We are proud to have been selected as the civil contractor of choice on yet another high profile, state government funded project, through their land development agency LandCorp.

Project Scope

Earthworks involved 100,00m3 of cut to fill including treatment of Acid Sulphate Soil and groundwater on site and 30,000m3 of imported fill.

2km of power cable installed as part of the power reticulation system.

1km of drainage pipe including pipe sizes ranging from 300mm to 1200m diameter. The drainage works also involved the installation and extension of existing drainage culverts on existing Marriott Road under live traffic conditions including two large cast in-situ headwalls

1,500m2 of rock pitching at drainage outlet structures.

Over 3 hectares of wetland swales and roadside swales shaped to earthwork design contours.

3.8km of roads including two new roads, widening of existing Marriott Road and two road realignments on Wellelsey Road North intersections. The roadworks involved the import of 13,000 tonnes of limestone and 22,000 tonnes of gravel.

5.5km of fencing installation.

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