Lakelands Estate


Lakelands Estate Wastewater Pumping Station No. 9



Consulting Engineer


Wormall Civil Project Management

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Project Duration

September 2015


Key aspects of this project included:

Installation of 1630 metres of DN250 PE16 Sewer Pressure Main – through sensitive wetland conservation area and existing subdivision

  1. Installation of 50 metres of Humes ‘S’ Series 500mm diameter Concrete Jacking Pipe by Microtunnelling Under Transperth WA Rail Network
  2. Remainder installed by a combination of Directional Drilling and Open Cut Trenching

Installation of Type 40 Wastewater Pumping Station:

  1. Due to environmental sensitivity no dewatering was permissible for the Wet Well (6 metres deep) – 4.2 metre internal diameter Caisson installed and plugged by Tremie Concrete System
  2. 1800mm diameter Storage Tanks – 5 Rows with a capacity of 300,000 litres
  3. Installation of approx. 50 metres of 300mm diameter Gravity Sewer

Installation of 1,100 square metres of carpark for City of Mandurah

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