Little Bert Wellard Property Development


Little Bert Wellard Property Development


Parcel Property

Consulting Engineer

Pritchard Francis

Wormall Civil Project Management

Justin Fitzpatrick

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Liam O'Brien

Project Duration

22 weeks- Ongoing


Little Bert Wellard, property development nestled in the serene suburb of Wellard, Western Australia. Wormall Civil, a leading name in civil construction, is proud to be an integral part of this boutique venture, providing essential services to ensure its success.

As the trusted partner for civil construction solutions, Wormall Civil is dedicated to delivering top-notch services across multiple domains:

Our meticulous earthmoving endeavors lay the groundwork for the entire project, shaping the landscape with precision and expertise.

Wormall Civil ensures efficient and reliable sewer systems, guaranteeing optimal sanitation infrastructure for Little Bert’s residents.

Stormwater Drainage and Subsoil:
Combatting nature’s forces, our advanced drainage solutions and subsoil management techniques safeguard the development from potential water-related challenges.

Retaining Walls:
Crafting both functional and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls, we enhance the landscape’s stability and visual appeal, harmonizing with the natural surroundings.

Water & Gas:
Facilitating essential utilities, we deploy state-of-the-art techniques to ensure seamless water and gas distribution throughout Little Bert Wellard, prioritising convenience and sustainability.

Underground Power:
Embracing eco-conscious practices, Wormall Civil installs underground power systems, minimising visual clutter and maximising safety for residents.

Enabling seamless connectivity, we integrate cutting-edge communication networks, fostering a digitally empowered community at Little Bert.

Pioneering the pathways to connectivity, our road construction endeavors pave the way for smooth transportation within and around the development, ensuring accessibility for all.

Detail-oriented and precise, our kerbing solutions delineate boundaries and enhance the aesthetic appeal of road networks, blending functionality with finesse.

Promoting walkability and community interaction, our meticulously laid footpaths provide safe and accessible routes for pedestrians, fostering a vibrant neighborhood ambiance.

With a commitment to durability and quality, Wormall Civil lays down premium asphalt surfaces, ensuring longevity and resilience for Little Bert’s road infrastructure.

At Wormall Civil, we take pride in our role as the driving force behind the infrastructure of Little Bert Wellard. Our comprehensive approach to civil engineering ensures that every aspect of the project is executed with excellence and precision.

For inquiries or further information about our involvement in the Little Bert project, feel free to contact us. Together, let’s build the future, one foundation at a time.


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