Muzzlewood Stage 1


Muzzlewood Stage 1


Sunzone Pty Ltd

Consulting Engineer

Groundworks Consulting Engineers

Wormall Civil Project Management

Daniel R Strickland

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Greg Allen

Project Duration

2020 - ongoing


A little secret of Baldivis is the Muzzlewood Estate, offering lots ranging between 4,000 to 10,000m2 and boasting ocean views to the West and a unique view over Baldivis and beyond to the East.

The completed project will offer its residents a semi-rural living experience for those who enjoy living in quiet, low density areas, but within arms reach of the ocean and local shopping centres.

Wormall Civil have been engaged by the developer Sunzone Pty Ltd to clear the building envelopes, while preserving many trees and native vegetation and cut-to-fill over 35,000 cubic meters of soil to prepare for the underground services and roadways to be constructed by Wormall Civil shortly after.

The site offers a unique challenge given the topography has over 30m of elevation difference from its lowest point to its highest, putting our fleet of scrapers, dump trucks, excavators and our machine operators through a testing durability test and respectively proving their raw power and operators’ prowess.

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