Peel Business Park Stage 2


Peel Business Park Stage 2



Consulting Engineer

Cossill & Webley

Wormall Civil Project Management

Ansh Panthi

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Jos Van Dijk

Project Duration



Peel Business Park is the continuation of the industrial development in the Peel Region by the state government and is located at the Lakes Road Exist on Kwinana Freeway. Stage 1 of the development was completed by Wormall Civil in 2021 and Stage 2 of the development is currently underway and is slated to be completed in December 2023. Together with the Industrial Park development, Lakes Road and Osprey link intersection has also been upgraded to provide better flow of traffic and to cope up with the future demand of the region.

The most challenging part of the development has been the large number of deep services install – up to 6m deep –  while managing ground water that is only 500mm to 1m deep in the area.

Scope of works completed:

  • Approx 100,000m3 of Sand Import
  • 1350m of Stormwater Drainage of varying pipe sizes up to 900mm in diameter
  • 2500m of Subsoil drainage utilising the Smartstream Technology Poo Pits
  • 1000m of sewer main at various depths up to 6m deep
  • 800m of Water main and 800m Gas main of varying pipe sizes
  • 5,300m of Power Cables and 2000m of NBN Works
  • 14,500m2 of Roadworks
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