Shenton Road Underpass


Shenton Road Underpass


Scotch College

Consulting Engineer

Pritchard Francis Engineers

Wormall Civil Project Management

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Project Duration

September 2013


The project incorporated the underpass and associated works, including earthworks, roadworks, water reticulation, culverts, stormwater drainage, structural retaining walls and surface treatments.

Apart from the tight timeframe specified within the contract, which required all works to be completed during the first and second term school holiday periods, Wormall Civil also had to manage the following issues and construction tasks:

  • Working within a confined workspace in an established, built-up residential suburb
  • Maintaining goodwill with affected local residents, achieving zero complaints
  • Maintaining pedestrian and vehicle access to either side of the excavation during construction works
  • Protection of existing properties
  • Excavation to accommodate the precast concrete underpass
  • Installation of the precast concrete underpass using a 150 tonne crane on-site for three days
  • Undergrounding of the existing overhead power lines, including undergrounding of supply to seven residential properties
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