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This contemporary address features an impressive entry to the estate and a panoramic central lake surrounded by immaculate landscaping and mature paperbark trees, retained from the natural bushland setting.

Bulk earthworks and civil construction works included sewer, drainage, retaining and feature walls, roads, water, power, gas, communications and landscaping.

Wormall Civil faced a number of challenges, as the company was required to allow early access to the builders to commence construction while it completed the earthworks and civil works for remaining lots in the development.

Special attention was given to the dewatering process for the below ground installations. Due to the presence of acid sulphate soils, the groundwater and soil on-site had to be treated to raise the pH level prior to the water infiltrating back into the ground. Wormall tested and treated the water on a daily basis to comply with DEC and contract requirements. Contaminated soils were treated with hydrated lime prior to reuse on-site or disposal off-site.

The project is now fully built out and the lanscaping fully established along with the high quailty homes some 10 years post the civil construction works. A visit back to the site now helps you fully realise the early visions of the forward thinking town planners, landscape architects and engineers involved in the project.

Wormall Civil is proud to have constructed all stages of this exciting project which challenged traditional design and construction methodologies at the time and delivered so successfully on its promises.

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