East Perth


East Perth



Consulting Engineer

James O'Reilly

Wormall Civil Project Management

Slavko Savic

Wormall Civil Site Supervision

Brent Sanders

Project Duration

2020 - ongoing


Being right next to the Swan River, one of the first tasks was to setup and manage numerous dewatering systems, whilst working closely with the Water Corporation to manage a strict water quality/quantity being discharged into sewer as per permit conditions.

Numerous traffic management plans had to be implemented to manage pedestrian/vehicle traffic around works safely.

The main scope of works is as followed:

  • GPR Scanning of grounds
  • Clearing
  • Install approximately 240m of 1200 RCP drainage pipe, along with numerous drainage structures like Jp’s and GP’s. All the concrete products had to adhere to clients Greenstar requirements
  • Cut over the new drainage system
  • Remove redundant drainage pipe
  • Maintain access to Trinity College at all times, and where necessary implement weekend/public holiday works to avoid any disruption
  • Construction of 2 piling platforms


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