Wormall Civil awarded two civil works contracts for Peel Business Park

Local Peel-based company Wormall Civil has been contracted for the Transform Peel Initiative works at the new Peel Business Park in Nambeelup, which aims to create about 33,000 jobs in the region by 2050. 

Minister for Lands Ben Wyatt announced on 7 March, 2019 the awarding of two civil works contracts totalling $7.3 million to Wormall Civil, who will complete the first major civil works, including the earthworks for the Stage 1 Land Development, and installation of underground power works.

This critical trunk-servicing infrastructure is the first step in creating the business park which is designed to deliver major economic opportunities and jobs for the Peel region.

In total the infrastructure works are expected to create more than 300 jobs with a further 160 permanent operational workforce jobs for the region once the State Government’s 120-hectare development area is fully operational.

 When completed, the Peel Business Park will create about 2000 local jobs and inject about $1 billion into the Western Australian economy each year.

Wormall Civil was procured using the newly developed WA Industry Participation Strategy, which aims to provide local businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunity to access and win State Government supply contracts. 

The Peel Business Park is one of three components of the Transform Peel Initiative. The other two components are the Peel Food Zone and the Peel Integrated Water Initiative.  

Mr Wyatt said the awarding of the work to Wormall Civil underlined the State Government’s commitment to local content and delivering opportunities for WA businesses.

“Wormall Civil is playing a pioneering part in the development of the Peel Business Park at Nambeelup, which will kickstart an agribusiness and innovation hub that is expected to deliver major economic opportunities and jobs for the Peel region,” he said.

Mandurah MLA David Templeman said the Transform Peel Initiative was developed as a long-term program to support economic growth, diversification and job creation in the region.

“It contributes to addressing the region’s rapid population growth rate, high unemployment, and transition from a population-driven economy to an export-traded economy.”

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