Wormall Civil to complete installation of East Village at Knutsford

Wormall Civil has been engaged by LandCorp to complete the installation of off-site sewerage at East Village at Knutsford, and works will include slurry micro tunnelling, strata sewers, storm water drainage, sustaining community trees, planting water mains, and bore reticulation.

East Village at Knutsford, a former industrial site in Fremantle, will be a showcase for energy-efficient residential infill development featuring blockchain-ready homes, a micro grid supply network for water and power, and a shared on-site battery.

Using 100% renewable energy from solar panels and battery storage, the 1.5-hectare development will set new benchmarks for affordable and sustainable living in Western Australia.

Wormall Civil will also complete roadworks, power and communications installation, which also includes an onsite battery storage unit that will capture and store energy for roof solar panels installed on the proposed development housing and a charging station for electric vehicles.

All of the above activities involve excavation in hard rock and working around extensive existing services on non-standard alignments.

Minister for Lands Ben Wyatt helped launch the project and said he was looking forward to seeing future residents be part of a community of like-minded industries and neighbours all wanting to make the best contribution possible to sustainable principles.

“It demonstrates to the wider construction industry just what is possible in creating connected and affordable communities,” he said.

“We will continue to invest in transformative projects like this to create a new way of living in our suburbs.”

Minister for Energy Bill Johnston said the mix of innovations at East Village at Knutsford provided a great insight into the future of greener and cleaner powered homes.

“The 670-kilowatt battery is the first in Australia to power a residential construction site and it will ultimately be the very heart of this community, which is designed for people of all ages,” he said.

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