Dewatering & Boring

Wormall Civil is proud to announce that we have added another two services to our already extensive in-house capabilities, namely, dewatering and horizontal drilling. Having our own highly experienced teams in this new business unit will allow us to have the in-house capability to implement ground water control and carry out horizontal drilling activities on the ever expanding list of projects we are undertaking.

This is especially important during deep utility services installations and will assist us in ensuring that we meet all environmental requirements, project and client goals and provide a safer workplace for our employees.

To date Wormall Civil’s dewatering team have completed works at our Muchea and Providence projects along with drilling being completed at our Flamewood project on Pinjar Road, Wanneroo.

Our dewatering and horizontal drilling teams pride themselves on the ability to work alongside our project management personnel and all site staff to provide quality services to benefit not only the projects but the company as a whole.

Our dewatering team is backed with a fleet of 12 vacuum pumps, 13 dewatering pumps, 7 groundwater dosind/treatment units and approximately 1500m of high-pressure hose with the ability to set-up and implement numerous dewatering systems at any one time.

Our B750 Pilot Tube Micro Tunnelling machine can provide up to 50,000kg/110,000lb of thrust and can drill up to 60 meters metres at a time while using purpose-built PVC boring pipe to install sewer utilities where open excavation is not an option due to practicality, environmental or safety issues.

We are proud to have the experienced and knowledgeable crews behind this new business unit on board and to embed our equipment and capabilities into our existing and future projects.

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