Wormall Civil in the Community

After such a great result last year, Wormall Civil together with Smartstream Technology focused our Christmas donation energies towards a very worthy cause in OzHarvest.  

Our teams were asked to donate dry food, to help those in a less fortunate situation over the holiday period. 

Donations include dry food such as:

  • Breakfast cereals, long life milk products, tea/coffee 
  • Canned fruit and veg, tuna, salmon, chicken, beef stews
  • Pasta, rice, whole grain cereal 
  • Biscuits and snacks

Wormall Civil and Smartstream Technology understand that the impact of our food donations can go a long way- it can start a conversation, it offers comfort and hope when times are tough, and it creates a community in times of loneliness. 

Thank you to our project teams for getting behind our initiative and for supporting OzHarvest this festive season.  

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