Sam celebrates thirteen years working with Wormall Civil

Over my time with the Wormall Civil team, I’ve had many opportunities and roles. I started with the Wormall Civil team as a drainers offsider. Then went to machine operator, then went to work with the power crew for a few years. Then I went into my current role as a supervisor. My first placement was when I moved over to Wormall’s I started on Daryl Clarke’s site in Yanchep and shortly after I went with him to Geraldton for 18 months.

I was first introduced to the industry just by chance when I moved here after travelling Europe, my sister’s friend worked in the civil industry and got me a job. We sub-contracted to Wormall Civil. First site then was Landsdale stage 1 I believe, and Craig Bennett was the supervisor.

Wormall Civil has constantly been evolving since I first started working here. The size of the company has grown massively compared to back then, and the changes to the health and safety.

I’ve so many fond memories at Wormall Civil. Working a variety of different roles I’ve come to meet a lot of great people that work for Wormall Civil and worked on some interesting projects.

There has been quite a lot of great projects I have worked on but to name a few favourite projects would be Golden Bay, Peel Business Park, Geraldton and Roy Hill.

Congratulations Wormall Civil on 40 years, here’s to many more! Thank you for all the opportunities, experiences and good times!

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