Hayden celebrates five years working with Wormall Civil

Over my time with the Wormall Civil team, I’ve had many opportunities and roles. My first role was a labourer and now I am a WHSEQ Clerk.

I was first introduced to the industry as Wormall Civil had a school program that I was lucky enough to be involved in and at the end of it I got asked if I wanted a job with Wormall Civil. I remember my first placement was with Brent Sanders at Baldivis One71 counting sand trucks.

Wormall Civil has constantly been evolving since I first started working here but there has definitely been a big change in safety as I remember when I first started with Wormall Civil hard hats and gloves were not mandatory. I have also watched the growth of the company change massively.

I have so many fond memories at Wormall Civil. Meeting new people and learning heaps of new stuff I never knew would definitely be a highlight. Wormall civil has made a big impact in my work/personal life mainly my communication skills and working well with others. I’ve got a few favourite projects that I have been involved in, my favourite three of them would be The Hales, Peel Business Park and Vivente.

Thank you for the opportunities, experiences and life lessons along the way. Congratulations Wormall Civil on 40 years of excellence!

Stay tuned as we share more experiences and stories from the team at Wormall Civil! Looking for a new role then find opportunities at https://wormallcivil.com.au/careers/

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