The Dirt – Issue 21


Welcome to Issue 21 of The Dirt.

Firstly, I have to say, what a great pic for our Florence project for Satterley Property Group… great snap Josh.
Following on from that I would also like to congratulate LWP and Satterley Property Group on their recent announcement, it is no doubt a very big power move that will favour both organisations (now as one), well into the future. Congratulations to all involved, I hope this works out very well for you all.
Since the last issue of The Dirt we have seen the end of the 2022-23 Financial Year and it is at this time of the year we naturally review a whole bunch of historical data. In recent years a key measurement for us had been how many lots we have constructed over the 12 months. I am pleased to share that FY23 has seen us once again deliver more than 3,500 completed lots for the WA market, and in fact more lots than we have ever done in a 12-month period. It Is exciting to know that over the past 3 years we have delivered more than 10,000 lots. Although this is an important number, it is only so because it reflects our commitment to continue to deliver to our clients needs… Together We Deliver.
There have been some nervous times over the past 6-12 months around interest rate movements, it is pleasing to see that Australia, and WA especially, remains extremely strong and continuous to sell healthy lot sales to meet the demand as we have seen interstate and international migration create a positive influence on our market for the first time in many years.
To our staff, thank you all so much for your ongoing commitment and output. In the coming months you will note that we have a bunch of fantastic reward & recognition initiatives happening to celebrate you and your relationship with Wormall Civil.
As most of you would be aware, Wormall Civil’s sister company “Smartstream Technology” has been working hard to achieve one of our key strategic objectives to successfully distribute our PooPit range of products throughout the US and Canada. I have just returned from a very successful trip, where I spent time in Texas and Florida with the Quickstream Solutions team. There have been many great moments shared with Daryl and the team and I’m thankful to be so fortunate to have partnered with such a wonderful crew.
This has been a huge effort over many years for several of us in Smartstream Technology and we have been fortunate to have partnered with such a wonderful crew as the Quickstream Solutions crew.
Thank you all, stay safe, work hard and enjoy your families.

Shane Wormall 
Managing Director


Florence Estate is a residential development nestled adjacent to Kwinana Freeway and Rowley Road with 132 lots under construction slated to be completed by late 2023, the scope of works included upgrade of approximately 500m existing sewer pressure main pipe to new 450mm PE Pipe, 350m of noise wall adjacent to Kwinana Freeway.
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Spindrift is a modern and meticulously designed neighbourhood located in Margaret River. Spindrift is home to all the conveniences you’d expect from a modern estate, including impressive natural landscapes and immediate access to neighbouring parks and playgrounds, with schools, shops, cafes, restaurants and medical facilities all within easy reach.
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Kara is a bulk earthwork and civil contract with LWP, located approximately 2km from the Kwinana Freeway in Treeby.
You might not have known from looking at it today, but Kara was formerly used as a mining quarry. It is this previous use of the land that kas lent Kara it’s unique circular shape- a feature that has been used to create the intimate and interconnected design of the community.
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Staff Milestones:
This quarter sees another group of employees reaching amazing milestones with Wormall Civil. Read More

Welcome to the Team:
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Staff Promotions:
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Wormall Civil were proud to attend the Urban Development Institute of Australia WA 2023 Awards for Excellence representing our company as major contributors to a number of land development projects nominated for awards on Saturday 16th September, at Crown Towers.
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Our people form the core of Wormall Civil, so it’s important we provide career opportunities for employees by setting up roadmaps and pathways for each individual. There are ample opportunities and development plans for Wormall Civil workers to enhance skills and motivation. Join the Wormall today.
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