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2024 marks a very significant milestone for the team here at Wormall Civil as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, and I thought I’d take a few paragraphs to reflect on the long road it’s been to get to where we are today.  

Commencing operations in 1984 as a subcontractor for the installation of underground services (primarily sewers and stormwater drainage systems), Wormall Contracting soon earned a strong reputation for its hard work ethic and dependable performance to the main civil contractors throughout WA.  

Over the years, Wormall has slowly but surely hit our objectives and grown from strength to strength, initially with the growth of a small fleet of plant, to later becoming more established as the fleet grew. The move to Maddington was a significant milestone and one that really reflected the company was on a strong path for success and change. We have always had a set of clear strategic objectives such as this move, and it is just the number and size of the objectives that has changed over the years.  

Market forces bought the opportunity for us to step up to become a head contractor, and our first ever contract at that level was afforded to us by Gil Alexander, who at the time recognised the way we operated and awarded us our first full project. We delivered upon expectations and our reputation grew, thus opening up more and more opportunities. As many civil works packages depend on fast and efficient underground works at the outset, having strong undergrounds experience in our DNA meant we were well-positioned to perform.  

The years that followed saw continual growth in Wormall Civil, and we have consistently explored what more we could do “in-house” to make us more efficient & dependable and position us to win work and survive in the small ‘boom or bust’ market we have here in WA.   I personally strive to make it my mission to ensure that the hard-working spirit, honesty and integrity we started with at our grass roots remain the core of our DNA today and well into the future. All of this whilst never losing sight of the importance of the people that contribute to our success – many of whom have been with us for decades.  

I am fortunate to have been around since the creation of Wormall Contracting – from the age of 8 I have been witness to every success, challenge and milestone. I can assure you, it hasn’t all been roses, and like many other successful businesses we’ve been knocked down and forced to rebuild several times along the journey.  

Thank you so much to our highly valued, loyal and committed staff. You have heard me say it many times, but I will keep saying that: without you we are nothing, and “Together We Deliver” on the expectations of our valued clients.  

Looking ahead, there is certainly further growth on our radar, working as best we can around the rise and fall of the markets and committing to targeted key strategic objectives as we feel the time is right… watch this space is the most I can share!! In the words of Paul Kelly, ‘from little things, big things grow’ and this can be true for any of us in anything we apply ourselves to, with a strong level of commitment and hard work. I can assure you, 40 years ago when Wormall Contracting commenced, the thought of being where we are today would’ve never been imagined.  

Thank you all for taking the time to read this piece, and a big thanks to everyone that has assisted us over the past 40 years… there are too many amazing people to list individually but know that your contribution has been huge and is greatly appreciated. All the best for 2024, I hope it is an exciting and prosperous year for you, your business and of course your family!  

Throughout the year we will of course be conducting various events to celebrate our 40 Year Milestone and, and my senior team and I look forward to sharing these occasions with many of you.

Shane Wormall 
Managing Director

Words from Ray & Sue Wormall…

Celebrating 40 years of Wormall Civil fills us with immense pride and gratitude. As founders, we reflect on the journey that brought us here, from humble beginnings to becoming a respected name in the industry.

We extend heartfelt thanks to the consulting engineers whose expertise has shaped our projects, the suppliers who have been integral partners, and the dedicated employees who have fueled our success. Your unwavering support and commitment have been the bedrock of Wormall Civil’s achievement. Here’s to the next chapter of growth and innovation together.

Ray & Sue Wormall

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the incredible journey that has brough us to where we are today. We look forward to sharing with you some of the remarkable milestones we’ve achieved. Let these milestones be stepping stones for the exciting journey ahead. Read More

Updates Wormall Civil
Shane and Craig Wormall’s very first excavator built by their Uncle Dave. The spark of a lifelong journey ignited with these miniature wheels.
Updates Wormall Civil Updates Wormall Civil
Our founder, Ray Wormall. 40 years on, we continue to uphold the values, ethics and quality of work that Ray started. Ray Wormall is pictured with his father-in-law Ray Goatley.
Updates Wormall Civil
The incredible individuals who laid the foundation for Wormall Civil’s journey. From left to right, back row: Ray Wormall, Tony Senior (Brickie), Rod Clark (Brickie), Stan Rigby Snr (Brickie), Ray Goatley, Doug Wormall, and Mike Haylock (Taylor Woodrow International). Left to right in the bottom row: Rod Wormall, Mark Stewart, and Peter Stryker (Taylor Woodrow International).
Updates Wormall Civil Updates Wormall Civil
“You’ve got mail… Wormall Mail!” What a wonderful reminder of our humble beginnings. The trusty digger was hard at work at St Clair, Warnbro, on the Goldfield Contractors Project.
Updates Wormall Civil
Wormall family at Wormall Civil’s 35th Anniversary event in 2019.



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